How far into the bedroom?

That subject is always on my mind.  How much is too much? The fact is that relationships are not just sex nor are they just the day to day interactions between couples. It is all intertwined. Every time I am on the verge of writing another one of those scenes, its the same question how much. I personally do not like to let it all hang out so to speak. But on the other hand what happens in the bedroom bleeds over into every aspect of life. So for me I do not believe that I can shut that door, there has to be a balance. I am going to continue to put bedroom scenes in.

I was married to two men. The difference between the two was like night and day. There was a major difference in the bedroom as well. My first marriage was a bust, the second bliss. I have experienced what I am writing about. What happened in the seclusion of the bedroom most certainly effected the visible end of the marriage in both cases.

The love of my life.

The love of my life.


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