Addicted to Alaska

I am getting ready to take my Grand Daughter, a young adult by the way, on a road trip to Tok. That is a lonely little piece of road. It goes along the back side of the Wrangell St. Elias mountains. I am looking forward to this. It’s been a long time since I have been on that road.¬† There’s a strange feel to that particular road. So much so that it found its way into my latest book as a ‘bitch of a road’. Even a lonely road with not much on it calls to me. Alaska is addictive. It has its hooks in me good.

I just got a new 4×4 truck and this going to be it’s break in voyage. Before winter I want to take it down to Homer Alaska. I don’t have enough memory sticks to handle Alaska and I don’t usually take pictures.

There is only one thing I miss about no longer working, the commute into Anchorage from Wasilla. It was never the same twice. Plus I love to drive. Turn the tunes up to nearly pain, plant the accelerator at about 80 and go for it.

Now that I don’t have to be good, a retired woman does not have to be good anymore, I can get a little crazy. I intend on having as much fun as I can stand.

Joke: You know you’re an Alaskan when your are doing 75 in the middle of snowstorm when you can barely see your own hood.

Pioneer Peak

Pioneer Peak


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