Staying Power

The majority of my family is here in Alaska. All my grand children are elsewhere but that is no draw as I only speak to one of them due to a major falling out with my oldest child. I always knew that one was bull headed. So much so that we now have no relationship. That being the case, I feel no pull to move elsewhere.

This joint, is home. I have my son and youngest daughter. My Grand Daughter from my second marriage moved up here. I kept my sister in law from my first marriage as I love her dearly and would never give up that relationship.

Also, I think I am just a bit too wild to live in a really populated area. I even have 2.5 paid acres in a western state, unimproved of course. (most everything I have is unimproved, a typical old Alaska problem).

So I’m going to continue to write my stories of people trying to find their way in the morass of the world from my very comfortable couch.

I have found staying power here so I intend to stay where the power is for me.

A sundog in the morning

A sundog in the morning


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