more on how much is too much

Along the how much is too much line another one has popped up in my fertile little brain. Just finishing up a novel.

Maybe because of his adrenalin addiction, Colin the man in this story, has a little of the ‘let’s take a chance on getting caught’ thing going as far as sex goes. I wonder if that is something shy kids get caught in. Having a touch of that perversion myself, (used to give my loving husband fits on occasion, but being a good husband, he humored me-I refuse to give details other than to say it was deliciously interesting and we never got caught) and having been extremely shy as a child I have given the matter a lot of thought. My adrenalin high usually has to do with speed now that I no longer have a partner to take other sort of chances with. I just might have to give that a more in depth study. What makes people tick is always of vast interest to me.

Denali below with the Moose’s Tooth. My love and I had a really good day that time.Image


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