Woman’s Place?

The wood pile.

The wood pile.

I am having a discussion with a young woman regarding a woman’s place.  Interesting. I am coming from the place of having been the sole support and bread winner for myself and my husband for 20 years. If I didn’t earn it, it didn’t happen. Gives one a whole different perspective on earning a living.

I managed to pay off this property I am presently living on. I kept the lights on and the house heated, no small feat in an Alaska winter. This has produced one tough woman. I have helped erect walls over 16 feet in the air. I had to make up the difference as my husband’s upper body strength was good but his legs were not. I’ve split fire wood with a splitting maul and still can do so at age 69. I understand what physical labor is really all about.

Funny thing is that it has not worn me out. Thanks to God and good genes I intend to keep right on going.  I’ve been really lazy this summer, doing a lot of writing and little work on the house.

I have a screen door to construct before winter sets in. Toward the end of the month will get on that one. Have table saw, band saw and chop saw will construct new screen door.  But not until after the road trip I have planned.  Road trips always come first.


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