Awareness, not

Or so it seems. My Grand Daughter doesn’t appear to see anything unless it is on a screen. She brought home a dog which I was certain belonged down the street. Sort of a misnomer here as the street is a gravel road with only 3 houses on it. But I saw that dog once and knew where it belonged.

So we had a dog on our second run. She had no idea what to do. I told her to walk down there and see if anyone was around. She did not really go up to the house. Comes back and still has no idea what to do. We are talking a 20 year old here. What? ‘Go put it on the local Craig’s List for Pete’s sake!’ oh great computer expert.

OK Grandma. Then at about 11:00 pm she gets a phone call that it is the neighbor’s dog. DUH!

There are things lurking on the side of the road up here that can majorly mess you up. A ticked off moose can easily kill a human and it has happened. In fact I am more wary of seeing and dodging moose than bears. Bears usually try to dodge humans moose do not care. Hitting a moose with a small car is often fatal.  Another real good reason to drive a truck. Why Did the moose cross the road? Because he saw a car coming!  I do wonder if others her age are just as out of it. Maybe they need infrared goggles hooked to a screen to keep them aware of their surroundings. Sheesh!

Some fat boys in Big Lake

Some fat boys in Big Lake


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