Road Trip Day

A short day trip, about 170 or so each way. But through some incredible scenery. Hopefully there will be some sun. Taking my youngest DD to Seward for business. Have a new play list on the phone. I am ready to go. Filled the truck already. I am planning  on a longer road trip shortly after the first of September. I want to go to Tok roughly 300 miles one way. I plan to do that one in two days. One day to Tok then back.

The Tok Cutoff is much like the Glen Highway used to be. Two lane blacktop with a lot of frost heaves and potholes. There are long stretches with absolutely nothing on them. I just finished a novel, ebook on, in which the Tok Cutoff figured prominently. It can be a nasty piece of work in the winter. Been there, done it.

So its off to Seward in about two hours. Below is Seward on a spectacular day. Hoping to again avoid all officers of the law. Later all.

Seward at noon on a clear day.

Seward at noon on a clear day.


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