Various And Sundry

As it looked before last winter's windstorm.

As it looked before last winter’s windstorm.

Work! Not fun work like writing. The four letter kind of work which must get done. I got a start on it as I did get the outside dryer vent changed. The one I changed out to will close tight after the dryer goes off. The other one was clogged. It was old and did not close all the way. Now I know how those mosquitoes were sneaking in.

Now I need to get the screen door made as the old one will not survive another wind storm.  Off to the lumber yard today to price what I need. The other thing is getting the last of the wood split. It’s Alaska State Fair time, that means the dreaded white stuff, another four letter word, is right around the corner.

I’ve played far too long. But I enjoy writing. I’m going to need to get out the conscience whip and start laying it on heavily.

In the meantime its off to the laundromat this morning. I have a dryer but no washer. The reason for that is a older septic system that does not need to be overloaded. A no fun subject.

So maybe if I put it here I’ll break down and get to work?????? Maybe!


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