Best Laid Plans Phooey

Hot Pink and White Yarrow

I had planed to make a small batch of bread and butter pickles from the pickling cukes I got from the UPick farm. No dice. My cook stove is out of propane. Natural gas is up the hill about 2 acres in distance. It might as well be on the moon as they wanted $11.75 a foot to run it down here several years ago.  Couldn’t do it then and can’t do it now. My next door neighbors are in the same boat. It’s cheaper to use fuel oil as we can come up with the money for that not the initial advance costs for natural gas.

When I remodeled the kitchen, I put in an apartment size stove. Plumbed in the propane line and built a little covered shelf to hold two bar-b-que sized propane bottles outside. One goes to the other half of the house, the other is mine. As I have neighbors now I had to use a really long drill bit to get through the wall to install the copper line for the gas. When we first moved here years ago we could not afford a long drill bit. So my husband used his .357 pistol to shoot a hole through the wall for the line.  Worked just fine for years until I move the kitchen to the other room. On the new stove I shut off the pilot lights to all but the oven. That saves fuel so the small bottle lasts me about two months. But drat if they don’t always run out just when you are in the middle of something.

I wanted to make a nice potato salad which I plan on eating for a couple of days but no, down to the gas station for propane first. This is where Phooey comes in as I do not want to fool around in the rain with carrying the bottle over and hooking it up. But no nothing without so I guess I gotta or no potato salad. Those lovely fresh out of the ground potatoes are calling me. Again phooey.


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