Brag on the kids time

First my youngest.
Got a call from my youngest Darling Daughter yesterday at about 8:45 am. She is about 4’9’’ of tough. Raised in the Alaska bush to do what has to be done. She has a chronic illness by the way. So I get the call. “Mom I need help.” I’m ready no matter what it is. After all this is my DD. She tells me the guys are there to do the spray insulation on the house. They bought this house and it has needed insulation help from the day they bought it. Unfortunately they bought it in summer. They were not aware of the cold places in the house, see your breath in the winter cold. The insulation guys are able to do the inside but won’t do the outside unless the soffits under the overhang are pulled down along with whatever insulation is there.  The soffits under the overhang are mostly 3 feet wide and 8 feet long sheets of plywood. We have to pull off the wiring for the phone and cable. We also have to pull off the trim boards. Ok, we are on it. Her husband has to work and her older brother is at work. One hour later we have 32 feet of soffit down and ready for removal of the insulation. Second hour down we have almost all of the insulation down as well. After she got done with that it was off to the dentist to have a crown put on one tooth. Am I proud of this blonde bombshell? Oh you bet your bippy. Today she is back at work. Her grandpa Forrest would be busting buttons as would her step dad Allan and her Dad. Very little gets her down. I know God is really pleased with her right along with the rest of us.

My son is no different. He is a kind man with a good heart. All summer long he rides his motorcycle the 40 miles one way to work. He rides the bike because he must, gas is so expensive as well as because he loves riding. But the ride in the rain is a tough one. With no windshield rain stings like a bunch of bees. It is what he had to do to get to work. He works in a hospital reading heart monitors. He is taking care of others. The job is just more than the job with him.  I can tell you his grandpa, dad and step dad would be right there just as proud of him as I am.

I raised some good hardworking generous kids and am sure proud of them. I am just as proud of all my step daughters as well.

Hot pink clover.

Hot pink clover.


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