Thunder and Writing

We hardly ever get thunder and lighting in Alaska. Not sure why. Yesterday afternoon and evening it was amazing. Long rolls of thunder, so much so I wondered at first if there was a problem with one of the Air Force big Jets. But it was to large a sound. When it got really dark I was sure it was really thunder. The rain was slamming down in huge drops. I opened the door and watched for a bit. Wild weather for here.


I have a couple of family things to attend to today. One of which is to take prints of my son’s photo he made of my loves old guitar. I gave this one to my son and when we needed a photo for the book cover for Wired For Sound, he helped me put together the cover shot. It was a group effort, Allan’s guitar and Scottish flag, Sean’s amp and American flag and my son in law’s old leather jacket. I was trying to make it look like an album cover for the imaginary band, Bushmaster.

my son’s photo which I used on another book cover as you can see.

Great shot!

Great shot!


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