My spur of the moment Alaska Style Road Trip netted me 476 miles in under 12 hours. I also managed to get some excellent pictures. I will post a couple. The sunrise if from Eureka Summit going down into the Copper Basin. The mountains are part of the Wrangell-St. Elias range. Mr. Wrangell is a 1400 ft. volcano which occasionally smokes. Mt. Blackburn at the end of the chain is the twelfth tallest mountain in North America. I had a grand time and was able to see two old friends. You can barely see Mr. Wrangell in the middle. This is over 220 miles away.  The shot below that is of Mr. Blackburn about 150 miles away. I went as far as Chistochina on the Tok Cutoff which figures prominently in Death Wish my last book.

I turned around went back to Glennallen then down the Richardson Highway to The New Edgerton Highway. There I took photos including the one of Blackburn. One of the most magnificent things I have ever experienced is a full moon coming up over the flank of MT Wrangell on a fall day. Just as the moon rose, so full and bright I could hardly believe it, a wolf howled down near the river. Fantastic. That happened over 30 years ago and it still sends shivers down my spine.  I still miss the place.

Copper Basin Dawn Blackburn


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