Office stuff

On the Face Book author site someone posted a picture of their writing area. They had a computer but also a note book with lots of writing in it. I have been composing on a computer for years. I don’t use paper and pen much any more. I even write letters, when I break down and do that, on the computer.  Here is a picture of my writing area.

On the coffee table is my laptop with the latest offering under construction. Stalking Red is about a young man, a hunter with the goal of capturing the heart of a young woman who lives in his apartment building. He has had a setback as another guy has blundered into his hunt. Being patient, he waits and remains her friend. on with the office. I use a a full size keyboard which is usually on my lap. The speakers are for music of course. The mouse waits on the couch. The only problem I have is when the cats want to take up all my mouse space. With two pillows behind my back, I am ready to write.

After I publish this, onward with Stalking Red.

on the homestead


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