Motorcycle 0 Rider 1

My son, on the way to work on his Harley, encounters a car which had stopped completely on the only main road into Anchorage at the start of commuter hours. The guy got ahead of a small truck then slams on his brakes in the fast lane to tell the guy behind him that sparks are coming from his vehicle. This is on a highway where keep up speed is 75 mph. The driver of the small pickup tried to tell the individual who stopped him. “Lets get off the road”. No go. My son being a cautious rider is already slowing down when someone rear ends the duo parked in the fast lane. He tries to avoid the mess on the shoulder but clips the wooden bed cover of the small truck which flew off into the lane when the driver had to stop suddenly to keep from hitting the person who thought it was reasonable to slam on their brakes in the fast lane of the main road from the Valley which handles huge amounts of traffic on a daily basis. The bike goes airborne, my son in his kevlar riding equipment is fine. the bike is not. He is bummed as he almost had it paid off. Drag. But he will live to ride another day. Thank God.


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