Dicey self editing

Editing your own stuff is a bit of a trial. Highland Light is just about ready for Amazon. I just have to make a few corrections. I does not hurt that I like the male lead in this one. I used a premise put forth by someone quite a while ago that the Knights Templar only had one place of safety, Scotland as the pope had already excommunicated Robert The Bruce.  There were people around the order who were not a part of the elite. So I have made Gideon one of those people in a remote Temple in Croatia. Young Gideon, not quite 20 is an introspective young man made more so by being raised in the Temple.

I will give you a small sample. This is one very tightly wound lad.

He wished he were able to be less cautious, less inclined to silence. Even Dalziel, a very taciturn man, was more forthcoming than he was. Gideon knew his faults. From the first time his grandfather’s servant had placed his hand in that of Sir David’s he had been too awe struck to say anything. He had been warned by the servant to not make a pest of himself. Gideon had heeded the warning. Keeping to the shadows had become his way of making sure he was not in the way, not a burden to Sir David.
He had not expressly been told to lie about his age to Sir David. The remark made by the servant who brought him to Sir David had caused the fear, which in turn caused the lie. He now believed the servant meant no harm. But to a child who was alone and friendless the mention of children being sent away because they were too young to be useful was devastating. So Gideon had added two years to his age. He had lied.

Back to editing.

Taken at 11pm on a summer night.

Taken at 11pm on a summer night.


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