Today is

a day much has been said about.  But this was a day in history some chose to answer the Call. To those who did, I humbly dedicate this.

The Call

Have you answered the call?

It comes like the trembling of a leaf,
A slight whisper through the grass,
Sound of a sword pulled from its sheath.
As the hiss of a snake, the rattle of brass.

How will you answer the call?

A whisper in the heather, in the blood,
Turn this way turn that, hear the swirl,
The call born of need comes in a flood,
Along the heights hear the pipes skirl,

Will you hear the call?

The somber sounds of an ancient battle,
Some turn and run some heed the call,
It will come to all the feared death rattle.
Die young die old, all wear the death shawl.

Do you hear the call?


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