Last day??

Well I hoped not but when It was sort of blue yesterday and the tempt came up to almost 50 it was time to get off the couch, quit writing and get ‘er done.

Up to the roof with the gallon of wet patch in hand. Dressed to get covered with tar it was time to get on the roof of the third floor. Wouldn’t you know it. I could not find any obvious leaks. Failing that I slopped wet patch on each and every nail that remotely looked as it it would leak.

Now I have to drain the plastic vapor barrier. Later for that one. I do hate playing in fiberglass tainted water. No matter what you do the stuff gets in your sleeves.

As they say in homesteading country. Well, hell! I did good it’s raining again this morning. View from the third floor below on a nice day.



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