Take It Outside

I am sitting here listening to Brantley Gilbert’s Take It Outside, then I recall the evening I invited a really big guy outside.

Yeah, all 130 lbs of me did it. I figured if he hit me I was gonna be on my butt. It was the principal of the thing, so if I was going down, that was just the way it was gonna be. We were living in a very small community with a whole lot of conservative folk. We were not. Another person had given our family a bunch of folding chairs which needed repaired because he knew we didn’t have any chairs. We were really broke. In fact I was the only one working with 3 adults and 7 kids.

I repaired the chairs. I can weld by the way. The guy I invited outside said we stole the chairs at a community meeting. My ex was not at the meeting to defend us. I was. The guy nearly had a fit when I insisted he go outside with me.

Fortunately the person who had given us the chairs turned up and was able to get the guy calmed down enough to tell him we were not thieves. Didn’t matter to me either way. I was not thief and I made my point. We took it outside. Strange tales

From Bush Alaska.

. Tazlina glacier


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