Movie Lesson

I got a lesson from going to the movies with an old friend. We talk on the phone several times a week. He has no one else really and we knew one another through work for years. My views are polar opposite to his. But after nearly 28 years that doesn’t matter quite so much. What matters is we go to the movies, eat popcorn and laugh.

I think God really had a purpose in putting me in this relationship. My friend had a major heart problem about four years back and I covered for him at work even though it was very hard to do so.

He has recovered somewhat. But yesterday I was reminded of how blessed by God I am. I believe in all things having been accomplished by Jesus before he left this earth. I don’t always get it right. But I try. I don’t believe there is one lousy thing I can do to earn anything. I have a God given right to peace, love and freedom from fear. The last one is the hardest battle of all.

But regardless of how much of the treasure laid up in heaven I can appropriate spiritually, it’s there, its mine and I intend to keep what is mine. Biggest way to keep it is to give that love away.

So I waited for my friend to walk out of the theater to the lobby. I talked with him as we sat on the bench while he caught his breath. Then we went our separate ways. Me the 40 miles home, him to the store. All the way I thank God that he allows me to still be there for my friend.

There are others that I minister to. A very small congregation but I will continue this work of giving because of what I was given.  Like a jig saw puzzle, I fit my broken pieces with theirs and we shore each other up. Rainbow Dawn2


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