Strange times

Knik Glacier

in good old Wasilla and points north.

Grand Daughter in hospital for a test that may or may not tell why she has seizures. Meanwhile the dog has to come back to my place. Then the truck has to go into the dealer. This is the first new vehicle I have ever owned in  about 2 months shy of 70 years.

Had a bit of a go around with the dealer over getting a lousy little door opener remote. they said they could not program it. What? Needless to say I pitched a hissy fit.

Just before a trip up north for one of the kids, got a call that they had figured something out. It had something to do with the email I sent out. Yep. After over 20 years as a paralegal i can strip hide off without one curse word.

So here I sit at the dealership. Then its up the hill to Willow to finish what got started last night.

All on another 4 hours sleep. Tomorrow I hope to be able to crash and burn.  I need a nap.

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