Kind or cruel

If you are planning to have a life with someone the answer to the question; is this person kind or cruel is of vital importance. What would that person do with an old sick dog. Would they take care of the animal until it was no longer able to get around then make sure it exited the world in the most kind humane way possible? If the answer to that question is ‘yes’. You can be reasonably sure that person will be kind to you, your children and all you love. That one is a keeper.

Money may not enter into the equation here. The ability to make money is often at odds with the ability to think about another persons or animal’s comfort and happiness.

Personally, I’ll take a person with a kind nature over the ability to make money every time. Love trumps money in my book without question. And I have done without money most of my life.

Below is Fiona. Unfortunately she went to heaven to be with my husband. But she was his baby.  She loved rolling in the clover.

. Fiona in the clover


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