It was expensive to obtain. The cost was a lot of years. Having been in business and run a small business for years I have gained some insight. A person goes to another person to get something done for maybe two reasons; they can’t do it themselves or they don’t want to. Case number one is in some ways more difficult to deal with as they have no clue what is required to get the job done. That person tells you what they think they want without any idea what it will take to get it. You, the expert must educate them sufficiently to get a reasonable payment for what must be done and fulfill the customer’s expectation.

Oh I just want you to put a little walk way down here to the the lower level of the garden. No big deal. Except, there is a pretty steep slope, there are several trees with huge root systems, and the possibility exists that the trees which are holding the slope together could be damaged sufficiently that they might die and the whole mess could wash away. Then the dead trees might hit the house, etc, etc. The customer things they want a $500 path put in when the expert knows they are looking at a $5,000.00 job. Now the expert has to have sufficient people skills to impart enough of their wisdom and knowledge to the client. That is were the whole thing usually falls apart.

I am trying to impart a bit of this hard earned knowledge to a young man just starting out. I hope it gets through as it will save him a lot of grief if this can get through.

The picture below is of the bathroom I remodeled. I built the sink cabinet from scratch, put the siding on the walls and made the shelf. I am proud of my work. It does the job. I could not afford to buy it so I made it. The sink was used. So I did what I had to. You should have seen it when I started. YUK. This is not perfect but miles better.



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