Pain meds for what?

This is not a rant on how wonderful I am. This a rant on what pain meds are being given out for.

After about 3 hours sleep I wake up to find a cyst that I have had for about four years has decided to pop and is spewing out blood and junk. I do the best job I can of blotting the junk up with paper towels but it is right at the base of my neck on my back. I just cannot reach the creep well enough to take care of it. If I go to my son’s and get him up he will only cart me off to emergency. My daughter who knows how I feel about the medical profession, ambivalent at best, had to work in the morning. If I wake my grand daughter, she is likely to freak out. So I do the most reasonable thing in the circumstance, get dressed and drive myself to the emergency room. No one is really there so I get seen really quickly, the snip a little hole in the dratted thing, insert a wick and are going to send me home. 

I am to take antibiotics. OK, Have the dratted thing looked at in about 3 days. OK. Then they give a a prescription for heavy duty pain relievers. Told them I didn’t need it. Oh but take them in case. I gave the script to the person I had to see to get out of the place and told him to trash it. Then went to my 24 hours key card gym to get a mile in. 

What did I need with heavy duty pain pills for????? I hurt worse when I stumbled over a log at the wood pile and scraped my shin. They give out that stuff way too easy. Image


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