A little distance

was a really good thing. Why was the book causing me fits? I just could not get the whole thing figured out.  I had the premise, not quite a plot, years ago. The cover was going to be a bear to get done. Where was I going to find a picture of a boy and his really big kitty? I did want an orange kitty but lo and behold I found a boy and his leopard! It meant I had to change a couple of things in the story such as hair color and fur color but after finding this picture it was an easy decision, change it! I could not believe this picture, even better it has only been downloaded twice. Hallelujah! Now I can get on with writing the dratted thing.

But what really helped was getting some distance between me and the problem. Out in the yard, ear protectors on, whittling logs into stove wood with the chain saw was freeing. My grand daughter and her fiance were splitting and stacking while I made sawdust.

It behooves one to keep your wits about you when using a chain saw. The electric one I have can take off flesh just as easily as a big gas one. I have never been able to use a gas one as I cannot start the dratted things.  But I was in the moment with that saw very distant from the problem of the book.

So sitting inside with a beer, well earned I might add,  the answer came to me. I had to know the cover was going to come out the way I wanted it to even if it meant minor changes in the story. Well shoot! 45 minutes later all done.  Thanks God, I really appreciated that bit of insight. After this back to the book.

CoDee and Cat

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