The joys of technology

yet again technology is giving me fits. Yesterday it took nearly all day to get a new book uploaded to Amazon as it would not upload a cover image. So this morning its Face Book.  I needed to send the lady who did the cover images links so she can put them on her page as well. At least I was able to send her an email with links.

I have one more book I am presently working on editing once again before I put it on Amazon and Smashwords. Of the two I much prefer Smashwords’ interface. I also encourage people to use Smashwords. But Amazon is the big dog it has to be acknowledged even if it is somewhat of a major pain.

I have to go into Anchorage this morning to get the truck serviced. The “I want service and I want it now” light is fully on. So its off to the big city. About an hour and a quarter one way. I’m taking the computer with me as I am not stopping editing for anything.  I have one book I have edited at least 10 times. I do try to polish up the kids as much as possible.  So later all.

New book cover.



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