Anger Management?

Is it anger management? I have always had a nasty temper. But I have learned to control it. With kids you have to learn or something bad is going to happen all the way around. One thing I have learned is a little of it has to boil over for me or the pot might explode. So I go on controlled burns for a very short time. The trick is how long should the burn be? For me a very short time is usually best otherwise the control burn can get uncontrolled fairly quickly.
Then there is the matter of how to burn. Major big time cussing only piles fuel onto my fire. I have to keep the vehemence down. For some reason for me the words seem to carry their own extra punch. Therefore if I don’t use really nasty cuss words, the flame doesn’t jump quite so high.
A short burst of “where did that idiot find someone stupid enough to sell him a driver’s license!” is usually sufficient to keep the lid from bouncing right off the old teakettle. A bit of stomping and carrying on while by my self usually helps as well.
All this introspection is fairly normal for me. I know myself pretty well. Having suspected that I was a few turns of the screw off the norm as a child, I have a habit of going through the mental dirty laundry quite frequently.
Presently I am writing a novel about two young people both with a suspected anger management problem. The young woman has a shorter fuse than the young man. But he is the one supposedly with the problem. It is all going to get quite interesting shortly as I am into about the 10th chapter.
I did some research on anger in the US. Sorry people, I don’t think you are going to get rid of all of it, but people do need to learn how to control themselves.
The waterfall pictured here was so fast and furious it was spitting all over for several hundred yards past where it landed. An apt picture of someone way out of control.



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