To drive or not

There few things I am more passionate about than writing and reading what others have written. The other thing is driving. Driving with the music cranked to close to pain level. I am happiest when the rearview mirror is shaking to the beat. Its after 3 am, I have an extra hour thanks to the change over. Driving to the gym because I can’t sleep, tunes cranked when suddenly this little devil thought creeps into my brain. I haven’t been on a road trip since August! Hummmm. What would it cost in gasoline to get from here to Seattle?
Seattle???? Have I seriously lost my mind? I cannot leave this house. It needs a constant house mouse in the winter. Well, I wouldn’t want to stay down there all winter. Too many people. Ah….two weeks maybe. That would work. The temperature is not likely to fall below zero until maybe the end of November.
Lets see a fill up costs $60.00 American right now, That takes me roughly 500 miles so…Geeze! I have lost it and I don’t think it’s coming home any time soon.
Yeah, like maybe in a few weeks. Seriously, I can do 500 miles in a day easy. So…….
No, NO! That is one very insane thought at the moment. But so very intriguing, beguiling, seductive. Nothing but open road for over 2200 miles plenty of tunes. Truck just had it’s 5K check up and they rotated the tires. Hey I could get new snow tires cheaper in ………………….NO!
That’s the ticket, just keep saying no. Now get back to finishing the latest book. Woman your are seriously insane. OH YEAH! And I love that bluetooth radio. Do those speakers ever rock. Maybe I’ll settle for a trip to Homer. Feed the beast a little anyway. If I take a shower and get on it I could be in Homer by 8am easy. ……..Hummmmmmmmmmmmm.homer


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