Adventure Found!

It was found in the form of the Alaska State Marine Highway ferry the Tustumena. Know to Alaskans as the “Tusty”. The drive to Homer was interesting through the pass, pitch black and rainy. But driving is driving.
I had breakfast in a little bar and grill that served breakfast all day in Soldotna. The bar tender and I talked while she sliced lemons. She also has a book on Amazon. We wished each other well as I got back on the road.
As the tourist season is long over with and the monsoon season has set in, I was pleased when the rain quit. I stopped at the view outlook over Homer where Allan and I took pictures years ago. That was the last time I have been to Homer. More about Homer later.
Homer is supposedly the southern most part of Alaska that you can drive to via the highway connection to the Lower 48 (most of you in the continental US or Canada) with one exception. Later on that little known fact.
I drove out on the Homer spit, a little pinky finger of land that juts out into Kachemak Bay. After all if I drove all that way, over 200 miles I certainly was not going to stop short of the last mile.
Then there it was the Tusty. Sitting at the dock with cars in line waiting to board. Where were they going and what was the fee? Oh my it was leaving in a half hour for Seldovia. Ok, most everything was going to be closed as the tourist were gone, it was Sunday and it was raining. I could walk on or take my truck. There might be about 10 or 15 miles of road in Seldovia.
I walked out with 30 minutes to decide. I was tired. The ferry would drop passengers off at about 1 pm then take everyone back to Homer by 7 pm. That would mean getting home at maybe midnight.
My sense of adventure won but I took the truck. It was a satisfying trip, rain and all. I sat in a bar with a coke and potato chips listening to the locals and a couple of day trippers like myself, shoot the breeze.
Finished a chapter of the new book on the ride there and back. Good. The wind and seas were up a bit on the way in to Homer. The old girl was rolling a bit. No problem, I went to the dining room and had the best home made vegetable soup and a hot cup of tea. Then I went outside and stood on the foredeck watching us round up to the dock.
The sea was amazing. I think I’m going to have to get down there more often. I hadn’t realized how much I missed boating. Sail is great but I’ll take power in a pinch.
Left the Tusty feeling quite content, up with the music and off. It is an interesting piece of two lane blacktop the Sterling Highway which goes to Homer. The Sterling has a couple of 35 mph turns that could be quite deadly in the winter if one did not slow down.
I shared the road with the big boys last night. I really don’t mind the big rigs. They know what they are doing. It seems a lot of trucks use Sunday night to transport stuff to Soldotna and Homer.  Made it into bed at midnight. Great trip. The beast might be satisfied for a few months.

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