It  didn’t start as a series. It began with the telling of a story of a part Athabaskan part while girl seeking God’s will for her life. She was in a cabin in the wilderness that had belonged to her family for generations. Then a plane crash lands on the river below her cabin. Dorcas and James found one way.

Often times it seems to me as if the characters write these things themselves. How they take on a life of their own is a mystery to me. I just document their stories for them.

PR Jones and Brenda took another path. Brenda ‘Red’ to PR is a prize. He intends to be more than a friend with benefits. Knowing she will shy away if he pushes too hard, PR is a patient hunter. He can wait. Brenda is alone in Alaska with no immediate family for support. Can she survive being tossed into the middle of a large family? PR is not so sure, so he tries to ease her into the large family he is part of.

Then we come to Leda Devlin and Jay Leighton. Jay has come home to the Copper Basin to heal from a tour in Afghanistan. Slightly paranoid, he runs from the new teacher the first time he meets her. Leda is interested in Jay but put off as she had already had to deal with a cousin diagnosed with PTSD. Leda has been engrossed in preparing for her career for years to the exclusion of almost everything, the opposite sex included. But there is something about Jay. The way he interacts with his sister, Virgie, tells Leda this is a gentleman in the true sense of the word. But can they get past his problems.

Dorcas and James were the first in the series that was not a series in the beginning, Leda and Jay are not the last as the youngest Jones boy, JF, tried to find out what went wrong with his childhood friend, Linda Ed. They are next.

The thing about the Copper Basin is there aren’t too many places for social interactions other than the bars and the churches. Families. Then there are those who try to maintain a balance somewhere in the middle. Remote, but still accessible by road, it is a small village in a huge area.

Here is a link to PR and Brenda’s story on Amazon.


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