Computer lives

to surf another day. But something called searchconduit hijacked my browser and it went down hill from there. Thankfully I have a really great son in law who happens to be an expert computer troubleshooter by profession. Many days later my poor little baby, denuded but alive was returned to me. Thanks to John I can now reconnect.

I do not take his kindness for granted. I worked every angle I could think of before texting him with a what do I do now query. This is how he makes his living and every one in this family is cognizant of it. We all try our best to fix it ourselves before setting up the wail, John, please help! After recounting our tales of woe to him, John occasionally shakes his head and says ‘why didn’t you call?”. The answer is simple, we do honor who you are and what you do so we only come to you when it is absolutely necessary because we do not want to waste your time.  So dear man, if you happen to read this you will know I am grateful. Thanks  My baby humming along again!

.on the homestead


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