Next trip

is hopefully going to be in December. I want to take the ferry from Whittier to Cordova. As I want to go after Christmas, I am hoping the ferry dock will be repaired by then. Getting to Whittier is a trip in it’s self. The train had been going to Whittier through a long tunnel through a mountain for years. It was the kids in the Girdwood and Whittier area who first started driving on the train tracks when the train wasn’t running. The powers that be finally took note and now vehicles run through the tunnel when the train isn’t. It is an alternating schedule, Each hour the flow is reversed. This is a typical Alaska workaround.

I want to go to Cordova, walk around and take pictures. I have wanted to go there ever since I first came to Alaska bu it is  boat or plane access only. This should be fun. It is a roughly seven hour trip. I am really anticipating being able to make this trip.

The other reason is that the main male character in my next book, JF Jones, goes to Cordova to work on a family friend’s fishing boat. This particular book is sort of writing itself. Linda, the woman JF is in love with is a bit older than he, four years, and does not want to get involved with him. She has some dark secrets that JF wants to pull into the light. Linda isn’t so sure those things need to be aired. Nearly finished with this one. I do have the cover because I try to do the cover first. I need to see who is in the book in order to tell the story properly.



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