New book, new place

The new book is to be released in Amazon and Smashwords on January 4th. Before that happens I finally get to see Cordova. I have been planning this trip for a couple of months. Tomorrow I drive down to Whittier and take the ferry Aurora to Cordova. I understand it is a six hour ferry ride across Prince William Sound. I have wanted to visit Cordova since 1977. It’s been a long haul.  I’ll be there all day Sunday and back on Monday. I should have lots of new pictures. Yeah!

The new book, Cougar Hunt, is ready to go up.  The last Jones boy standing would gladly give it up for the woman he has been in love with for years.  JF Jones is trying hard to convince the love of his life that a four year difference in their ages means nothing. If that was all he had to fight, Joe Friday Jones would have it made. Unfortunately Linda Rae has other problems caused by her father’s rejection of her. It is a morass of hurt and rejection JF has no idea how to cut through. He knows it is going to take more than he can provide. The second problem is will she want him when its all over? Was one night enough to convince her to be his woman?

Cougar Hunt


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