Winter in Alaska, local rules apply.

The MV Aurora’s service area encompasses the Prince William Sound. Whittier, Valdez and Cordova. In winter, people are using the ferry to get around Alaska. That being said, six hours is a long time to be traveling.

Leaving Whittier for Cordova, the ferry left port at 1:15 in the afternoon. As soon as the vehicles were all on board the vessel, people began to make their way to the seating areas. There are two main seating areas; the lounge in the bow and a second seating area on the port, or left hand side. As soon as an individual found their seats, the sleeping bags, air mattresses and pillows began to appear. One couple plugged in their twin sized air mattresses right up close to the large windows. Once the mattresses were inflated, they broke out the dominoes.

Someone in the far corner under the screen showing a live display of the route and were we were on it, got the kiddies down for a nap. It was time to get comfortable. The ferry chugged along on rolling seas. It was much like riding in a giant rocking chair.

On the return trip the ferry leaves Cordova at 5 am. The crew puts the curtains down over the big windows and everyone curls up for a long nap. Breakfast is available in the cafeteria. It’s winter in Alaska and no one is particularly interested in pandering to the tourists. We all have somewhere to go and business to attend to. Local rules apply. Image


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