Character’s point of view

There are times when I sit and look at something that has come from my fingers onto the electronic page I’m typing on and just read it over several times. Where did that come from?

About 30 years ago this character came into my head. But for some reason I have had more difficulty with this fantasy book than any other. Cat, the very large supremely confident cat has challenged me at every turn. Her companion and friend, a young man, is no where near as complicated as she.

Ethical nearly to a fault, Cat is much like my Vixen kitty who was with me for nearly 20 years. I do believe that cat read my mind. White, with a hint of a black cap, Vixen had one green and one blue eye. She was a sweetie who loved me and my husband totally. But she was hell on wheels on dogs who invaded her space when she had kittens. The only dog allowed was Blood, our black lab. He was uncle Blood to her kittens and they clambered all over and around him without one hiss from mom. She was an amazing cat.

So Vixen/Cat has come alive again in this little fantasy story. I have a quote from her to her friend CoDee as she tries to help him come to terms with and forgive someone who nearly destroyed him. The individual should have taken care of the child but did not.  “Forgiveness is the lifeblood of love and hope is the river the ship sails on.”  On more of this story later as I struggle to give it birth. Meanwhile here is a not so wonderful picture of my pretty kitty, Vixen.Image


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