Of pumps and parenthood

It seems that I am going to need to pump my own heating fuel as I cannot afford to have it delivered. There is a problem however, my 30 year old pump need to be rebuilt. It’s broke so I need to fix it. My grand daughter’s significant other who has been living here goes out to help. I had to immediately tell him I was the forewoman on this job. I think it surprised him when I picked the right socket every time. I cleaned the housing and took emery paper to some surfaces that needed cleaning. I had picked up a kit from the hardware store put it wasn’t the correct one. Took the wrong one back and git a line on the right one. Special order from the Lower 48 of course.All the young man is doing is holding stuff.

So where does parenthood enter in here? This young man had a one night stand with a young woman and she just recently gave birth. Unfortunately she had drugs in her system and lost the baby immediately. Every one is telling the young man to ignore it as the girl chose to not put his name on the birth certificate.

The young man comes from a similar background. I am telling him to make sure he has rights to this child. That she is going to want to know she has a father. I am encouraging him to go get a court order specifically putting him on the birth certificate and to ask for visitation. We will see how it goes with him.

He also was in the military. He has PTSD which makes it difficult for him to focus. He also had a horrid short term memory. But no matter what he fathered a child who has a right to a father no matter who raises her, this little girl needs to know her father did not just walk away.

Today is all about fixing what’s broken. I am praying he listens to me and becomes a father to his child. No matter what his medical problems and faults he has the capacity to love and that baby needs to know her father loves her. Dang is it hard raising kids.

Mat River winter south 2


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