New book has me MIA

But the characters took control of my dreams and said “look you have to do this.” But I was over one third into the other one. We know where this is leading and you have to do it our way. Leave me along I’m trying to sleep here. There is no sleep for the author who is not doing things in the proper order. No sleep until you cooperate. OK! Have it your way!

Hamish MacGrough and his wife have invited everyone to help them celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary. But it seems everything in the glen has turned sour on them. Lori is unhappy as her chicks are all leaving the nest at the same time. Hamish is worried about his youngest son. Hamish’s daughter Davina has made the last few years very difficult for the family. First she gets pregnant at 15 years of age, then she will not divulge the identity of the father. When that information comes out, Hamish is ready to beat someone he trusted to a pulp. But as always nights in the glen are never boring.

This is a conversation between Hamish and Lori after a hike up the glen to his present for her, a tiny remodeled cottage.

Expertly Lori put his sock on then wiggled his foot into the shoe. She laced the shoe back up then reached a hand up to Hamish. He tugged her upright. Lori leaned both hands against his chest.


She asked quietly. After a moment’s hesitation Hamish shook his head in agreement.

“Aye. Tha lad. I’ve thought about all Birk and Aili had tae say last night. He has been sort of tha gosling among tha ducks. But I think our gosling has grown intae his wings.”

Lori took a step closer then leaned her head against him.

“Gideon has been a changeling from the beginning. I shouldn’t be surprised but I am. A poet and a warrior. And I cannot even begin to guess what he is doing.”

Hamish stroked her hair with his right hand while his left rested on her hip.

“Neither Aili nor Birk were very informative as tae tha nature of Gid’s “quest. I’m gonna try tae get a full accounting. But I wonder if we will ever get tha straight of it.”

“I’m trying very had not to cry Hamish. Some mothers lose chicks one at a time. It seems all ours have flown the nest at once. Do you have any idea how upsetting that is?”

“Aye, I ken. One minute I was da. Then before I turned fifty five I was grandda. I enjoyed being da. It all went by far tae fast for me. An nae a gray hair on my head, mind?”

“Are we really old Hamish? I don’t feel old. I feel as I did when we took the camping trip to the highlands when we first met. Where did all the time go? It’s been twenty eight years we’ve been married and it seems like only yesterday.”

“Well luv, in some ways it’s a good thing, it means ye were having a good time. But, nae, we’re nae old yet luv. Tha young ones are going tae give us weans of tha best sort. We’ll be able tae spoil tha socks off them an send them home to bugger about with their parents. Sweet revenge luv.”

She began to laugh as Hamish had hoped.

“Now about tha ‘old’ comment. Seems tae me our little breaking in of tha cottage just now wasnae something tae ‘old’ people could have managed. We’re experienced luv. We ken what we want an how tae get it. I want ye as badly as I did tha first night I met ye. I wanted tae drag ye off somewhere an remove that lovely rose colored gown with all tha sequins ah wee bit at a time.”

“I might have let you drag me off MacGrough.”

Taking her chin in his right hand, Hamish tilted her face upward. His lips gently slipped along her cheek before sliding down to her mouth. With his lips lightly resting on hers Hamish laughed softly.

“In ah pig’s eye! Had I been foolish enough tae try it ye would have smacked me down so hard I bounced. Oh nae! Ye were nae easy piece darlin. I had tae fight for every tiny toe hold in yer heart. But I think I finally have ye where I want ye. I’ve a suspicion, just a glimmer mind, that ye mean tae stay with me forever.”

Lori rubbed her lips against his hard. She nipped at his lower lip to cause him to open to her. When she pulled away from him, Lori was smiling.

“You know damn good and well I do. You know you had me locked up the day you first brought me here to the glen. What other artist would share a studio with a noisy, arrogant, flash tempered big hulk of a man. MacGrough you act like butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth. Are you sure there isn’t a sweet talking Irishman somewhere in your lineage?”

“Well it is very possible. An I certainly am glad tae hear ye love me after three bairns an all.”

Lori laughed as she rubbed her hand on his cheek.

“You have improved my mood. I think I can hold it together enough to get through today. You are a silver tongued devil Hamish. You are always talking your way around me somehow. Now I suppose we should go down to the keep before they send out a search party.”

He took her hand and laced their fingers together.

“As I recall it’s nae been all “talk” between us. Seems tae me tha sex has always been right up there on tha top of our things tae do list.”

Lori squeezed his fingers lightly.

“I must admit Hamish, screwing you is always a pleasure and it’s never been boring.”

He laughed heartily. Birds in the trees around them flew off with a rush of wings.

“That’s my wee wifie! Blunt as always. I do adore ye Mrs. MacGrough. Ye are tha light of my life an a rare strumpet in bed.”



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