Early morining ride

No kids at home to deal with. I’m talking 22 and 21 years old. My grand daughter and her intended. I packed it in early last night. I fully expected to be up early and I was; 2 am. The temperature this morning was reasonable for a change, 10 above zero. By 2:20 I was in the gym all by my lonesome. Suits me. On the way home I had the tunes pumping. On the road with two cars in seven miles. Joy! I almost went for it and kept going instead of heading home. The road is about fifteen miles long, a good cruise. No cars, good music; it was a pull for sure.
The road has no street lights except here and there. Usually where there is a business or one of the expensive spread subdivisions. The shoulder is still a bit difficult to see with the snow on the edges. If you don’t know this road you could find the ditch really easy. There is always the possibility of finding a moose as well. They don’t care where or when they cross the road.
But I did a bit of writing in my head last night and need to get it down. So I’ll pass for now. The watcher in my head was pulling me back to reality. Ah Well! Maybe next time.  Image


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