Dodging the law.

I’m doing a bit of editing on my book,  Wired For Sound. I’m at the part where Hamish and his wife, Lori, are making a mad dash on a Harley FXS Lowrider shovel head from Los Angeles to Mount Baker, Washington State.
Working on this brings back memories of Allan and I biking around Alaska. Allan was badly injured in an automobile accident in 1983. While in the hospital recuperating, his driver’s license expired and with it his motorcycle endorsement. The accident happened when someone veered off the highway and hit our little truck at over 70 mph. Allan had stopped the truck off the side of the road to check a noise.
Our little truck was bent in half from the impact. Allan was almost cut off at the knees. From the insurance money he bought the Harley. The Dancer was his present to himself for surviving. She was also his prosthetic device. But for 26 years he never had a motorcycle endorsement on his license.
Not that it slowed him down much. The local motorcycle group got ticked at us because I wouldn’t slow him down. I was having fun, why was I going to bitch at him to go slower?
We evaded the police and actually out ran them one time. Much to the chagrin of the rider we didn’t know was a few miles ahead of us and who the cop eventually pulled over. Damn, did we have fun. And the run we once made from Anchorage to Fairbanks down to Glennallen then back to Wasilla is about the same distance as the run in the book.
Oh yeah, he got us home about a 50 mile drive once after the back brake on the bike locked up and threw both of in into some soft shoulder. He straightened the forks and asked if I could ride. I could if he could pilot. When we got home we collapsed into bed for three days, too sore to do much but sleep and eat occasionally.



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