I’m itchy to get on the road. I want to drive the Cassiar Highway again and be able to take my time about it. Meaning more than 3 days from Tok to Seattle. But that is hopefully going to happen in July. On the other hand there is the Denali Highway. It is not maintained in the winter but as we have not had a lot of snow, I’m wondering what the chances are of getting through right now. I dare not chance it until I am sure. People have died on that highway in the winter unable to get through.

I think I will call the state later today and see what they have to say about road conditions. I am itching to get on the road to somewhere. Last Sunday I almost filled the tank and drove somewhere until I got to half a tank then turned around. I need to get on the Denali Highway and I really need to get on the Cassair. Waiting is a bitch.



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