Copper River Basin

Is a place in rural Alaska that is getting a bit of TV coverage via the Discovery Channel at the moment. Having lived there, I am watching although I do find the family the channel is following to be a bit on the uninformed side.  We got there in the summer and figured out quickly that we needed a place to winter in. We cut a deal with another family out there to cut wood on shares. Instead of money we took logs.

The cabin we put up left a lot to be desired, but we could heat the thing and it did keep us warm over several winters. Warm is a relative term. There is really warm, like 66 degrees or sort of warm where the floor is near 20 or 30 at -25 degrees. But we could climb up into the loft and at least sleep somewhat cozy.

We didn’t have enough money to actually give the floor what it needed, insulation, to be really warm. But we survived it. I write about the Copper Basin in the Copper River Romance series. The things I talk about in those books are things I have done or seen done. Living out there was an experience I will always treasure. If I were to win big, I would certainly put up a place on the little piece of land I still have out there. Summers out in the Basin are the stuff of legend. Since I haven’t become independently wealthy I’ll continue to hang out here in South Central Alaska and write about a place that holds a special place in my heart.

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