Vegas, baby!



That’s where I disappeared to. The Romance Novel Covers convention hosted by Jimmy Thomas in the Golden Nugget. It was a major extravaganza. The classes were great and I did try to absorb as much information as possible.

In the evening, it was party central. When they played Born To Be Wild, they even got me out on the dance floor.

Then there were the RONE awards on the second to last night. In D’tale put those on and it was great. I do want to mention that Anne Perry and Mark Coker of Smashwords had loads of good stuff to tell indie authors. The man is a gold mine of information. I first published on Smashwords and if you pay attention to his free materials, you can too.

As to the trip itself, driving down from Alaska to Vegas was a big thing all in itself. When I have that processed will post more. But I am posting this while sitting in a motel room in Susanville, California. I sure hope the cafe opens soon, coffee is a must. Later all.


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