Own little bed

new siding Under the sloping roof where you see the small window is the bed area. That is where my loft bedroom is. Was it ever nice to get to sleep in my own bed. Home sweet home. Love it.
I’m working on the Twisted Laird now and hope to make the release date with plenty of time to spare.
But there is another road trip in the works. The road trip I didn’t get to make as I drove straight through from Haines, Alaska to Wasilla. I could not find a motel room in Tok so said phooey on it and went home. I put the hammer down after getting through Glennallen and kept it there as much as possible. There are portions of the road where any kind of speed is not really possible. But, I am well acquainted with the road and know when to back off. Still it was a great trip. Glad I made it.


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