Dog Days of Summer

By PJ Fiala. I did like the book. The writing was good and the plot moved along well. This is a romance between and older couple with grown children. She is not sure about falling in love, love has not been good to her.
He has never been in love. Lust, yeah, love no. But, my problem with the male lead was believability. Granted, I may have associated with a bit rougher crowd but, the guy was a little too easy.
Bear in mind this may well be a personal opinion. But, since this is my blog and I am doing the review, I’m going to be a bit personal.
There is a fair amount of rough language in the book which is to be expected in a story about bike riders, and I do not mean bicycle. They do tend to be a little rough around the edges. If you are offended by rough talk, don’t read this one.
Sex is another thing you are going to find in good measure. And steamy is the order of the day.
I gave it four solid stars. It is a good read.


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