Alaska Marine Highway

view from deck near WrangellThis going to be a long one. As many of you know, I had an issue with the individual on the Alaska Marine Highway ferry, Matanuska. The Boatswain, bosun, I believe was his correct rank, ranted at me, did not want me to watch where I was parking my truck and grabbed my steering wheel. I got a letter, supposedly in response, to my complaint.. The man is a liar and apparently a misogynist. Those of you who know me, know I have more driving miles under my belt than a lot of truck drivers. He said he grabbed the wheel because he thought I was going to damage my vehicle or a vehicle belonging to someone else. Anyone who knows me knows that I can and often do, back up a full mile in my truck without incident. I replied to that letter and let them know he is about as full of bull as it is possible to get. I would love to give that individual a real piece of my mind. Had it been a man driving my vehicle or had a man been with me I doubt this would have happened as it did. I am ANGRY!
Letter in response to the lies in the letter I received from that man.
First, I was perfectly able to understand his diatribe. At no time was I in danger of damaging either my vehicle or any other vehicle or the vessel. I have a rear view and two side view mirrors and know how to use them. As that is the first new vehicle I have ever owned, one of my major concerns was damaging my vehicle.

The only possible damage was to Mr. Volk’s vocal cords with the manner in which he was carrying on.

Second, this is not the first time I have taken a vehicle on a ferry. Hopefully, it will not be the last. However, at the moment that is debatable as I do not want to encounter another ill tempered individual such as Volk.

His letter is quite self serving and designed to place his actions in the best possible light as I believe he probably does receive reasonable compensation. Something I am quite sure he does not want to jeopardize.

I did not deserve to be treated in that cavalier manner simply because of his issue. I am a very good driver and can adequately back my truck safely down a dirt road with the turns in it for well over a mile. I had just driven the Alcan Highway to the Cassiar down to Las Vegas by my self. I am seventy years of age and do not wear glasses to drive. I am in excellent health. Had I been a male driver, I am firmly convinced the incident would not have taken place as it did. Misogynist, I believe, is the correct term for him. Anger management classes would probably benefit him.

Third, he is a bald faced liar. At no time was I in danger of hitting anyone or anything. I put over eight thousand miles on that truck in roughly 30 days and never even came close to an accident.

Last, I do not want to hear one more lie from that man. I am quite done with this. However, I am a writer and by the end of this year will have over twenty books on Amazon. I will certainly spread the word concerning Mr. Volk. He picked on the wrong older woman.


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