Review of the Brooklyn and Bo series by Brenda Perlin

The series begins with Shattered Reality. This is actually the story of two marriages that are disintegrating. The stresses placed on both marriages eventually split the couples apart. Brooklyn has married a man she should not have married. Bo married a woman who is hovering on the edge of sanity and unreality is quickly claiming her. The grasping, manipulating woman portrayed is surely not quite in the normal world.

In the end both Brooklyn and Bo want more. Burnt Promises the second installment tells of the progression of the relationship between these two people. Despite the mechanization of their ex-spouses, they cleave together instead of drifting apart. And do they ever have spiteful ex’s.

The very last book in the series tell the tale from Bo’s viewpoint. Very well done. Some people would tar Brooklyn with a homewrecker label. Certainly there are people who are easily lured away from hearth and home. If they are that easily lured, they weren’t fully committed in the first place.

The series is well done and worth a look. 


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