Treasured Moments Release Party. Join in the fun.

Treasured Moments

We have a huge line up of writing talent for you to come and hang out with. January 16th and 17th.

Fri. 1/16
9am: Terri Hubbard Carle
10am: Cherime MacFarlane
11am: RE Hargrave
12pm: Melanie James
1pm: Linda Lee Williams
2pm: Holly Barbo
3pm: Nikki Lynn Barrett
4pm: Teri Riggs
5pm: Aubree Lane
6pm: Janet A. Mota
7pm: Jayne Hyatt
8pm: Samantha Jacobey
9pm: Andrea Wood

Sat. 1/17
10am: Ella Medler
11am: LA Remenicky
12pm: Diane Rinella
1pm: Jennifer Theriot
2pm: Kelly Batton Cozzone
3pm: Amber Daulton
4pm: Amanda Allen
5pm: Jennifer Bryan Yarbrough
6pm: Jami Brumfield
7pm: Emily R. Pearson – Author
8pm: Michele Gwynn
9pm: Alisa Mullen
10pm: Kelly Batton Cozzone

And this anthology has 14 stories of family in all it’s pain and glory. You cannot go wrong with this one for $.99. Pick up yours. A five star lineup ***** ”

Format:Kindle Edition
This book had me captured right from the first word! The books are all beautifully written!
A Moment in Time by Kelly Cozzone- Alexa must let go of her son Eric even when she wants nothing more than to hold on tighter. As a mother, this book moved me so much. I felt her emotions. Great book.
Haunted Raine by R.E. Hargrave- loved how Lorraine “Raine” didn’t shun her heritage. This book kept me excited for more!
Coming Home by Teri Riggs- I felt the emotions of Abby the widowed wife. I didn’t expect her husband to be alive, and I squeeled. Very well written and heart stopping!
15 W. Gibson by Aubree Lane- The past can be a magical place. And this book the past get me good! The story of young love in the midst of a war. I needed tissues! Loved this book.
The Agent by Samantha Jacobey- Short sweet and to the point. Written masterfully!
The Bench by Nikki Lynn Barrett- Can the heart want what it loved 10 years later? Nikki made me feel deeply with this book.
Summer Song by Linda Lee Williams- I once again felt every emotion with this book and needed a box of tissues! I want more, can not wait for the next book!
Crazy Love by Jayne Hyatt- beautifully written and I could so relate to the “crazy” family!
The Treasured Legacy by Holly Barbo- a gripping story! Had me staying up late to finish it. Could not put it down
Ghost Connection:Lost by Jami Brumfield- love the ghosts! how to react when seeing is believing. Loved how the characters were relateable! Oh to be a medium!
Poppy by Cherime MacFarlane- An emotion rollercoaster!
Camael’s Gift by Michele E. Gwynn-Angel and Human what more can be said! Loved it and can’t wait to read more about Camael!
Life Storms by Terri Hubbard Carle-Can life weather the storms of emotions!?! Had everything in this book! Terri did a great job.
The Tree House by J.B. Yarbrough- Can you know as a child, “I am going to marry you?’ I want to read more about Izzy, Gavin and the beautiful Gabriel.Can’t wait, hope fully soon?….”

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