the Characters in my head.

So you think being a writer is easy. All you have to do is sit down at the computer and start letting it all hang out. Just you wait. If the bug gets you, if you have stories in your brain insisting on being told, you are going to start losing things. Sleep is the first thing to go if you are a dream writer like me. There nothing like trying to sleep and having an entire scene unfolding in your head in glorious living color. But, wait, you then have to get it down. That means getting up and turning on the computer. Shit! there when a couple of hours.

Just turn the characters off. Oh right! That does not work. They don’t actually speak into my head, but there is the nagging feeling of something left undone. I must get it down. It must be written.

Then there is the agonizing job of the first edit. And it needs to be the first because if I don’t get it all down int he first place, I cannot edit it.

To my mind it is a God given calling. Like a musician who has to play, an artist who must paint, I must get this stuff written. Maybe someone out there needs to read this. We will never know the lives we touch with these stories. We can only write. A friend once called poetry (which I write) emotional vomit. I am convinced writing is much the same.

So to those who live with a writer, thank you for being understanding of the thing which we must do. We have no choice, we are stricken with a malady that can only be eased by putting it out there. To family and friends, blessed are those who are kind to artists of every stripe. We are thankful that we have you to listen to our latest and greatest. We are what we are, God put that talent inside and gave us you to love and support us, a fact for which every author who has that support system, is eternally grateful.

My cover for the newest child of my brain.

cover 11.27.14


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