Open Book Blog Hop – Who would play me?

Do you like to read? Wouldn’t you like to know more about your favorite authors? Well you came to the right place! Join the MMB Open Book Blog Hop each Wednesday and they will tell all. Every week we’ll answer questions and after you’ve enjoyed the blog on this site we’ll direct you to another. So come back often for a thrilling ride! Tell your friends and feel free to ask us questions in the comment box.

Thanks Patti Fiala. This is great fun. The question is: In the story of your life, who would play you? Who would play your family? Moving to Alaska in the early 1970’s, according to my daughter who should know, 1974 to be correct, was a huge thing. We were trying something new in many ways. Including relationship wise. This was a blended family in more ways than usual.

I asked for input from my family as to who the actors should be. The lineup:

Stephanie Courtney (Flo from the Progressive Insurance commercials should play me; Bob, my ex would be played by David Spade; Lily, we all agreed on Julia Roberts for her. Children from oldest to youngest, One isn’t in the pictures as she left Alaska to live with my Dad. Colleen would be played by Lena Headly. Next up, Sean, the gentleman of the family, could be played by Taylor Sheridan. Heather, I personally picked Nicole Kidman. Both classy ladies. Alex, my stepson, great guy, a grown up Matthew McConaughy would be good. Calista, we all agreed on Drew Barrymore. Then you come to Debbie, my beloved sister in law, Katey Sagal. Now, Lyle and crew don’t fret here, I tried to confine this to Alaska family members.

Now we come to Allan MacFarlane, love of this woman’s life. He was an all around great man, extremely kind, but with a bit of a bad boy hidden inside, something he rode herd on quite well. But we had a standing agreement to not get crazy together. He could be played by LIam Cunningham. One of these days I might finish my autobiography. I’m about the only one left.

Last and absolutely not least, we come to Kerry, my ex’s third wife. Best move he ever made was to marry her. I have happily shared kids with her for years. The rest of the crew had someone else picked out for her but since this is my posts I’m vetoing it. I’m going with Susan Sarnadon. Both ladies pack a real down to earth punch.

This is my crew and I’m sticking to them. Here is a link to Stephany Tullis and her blog for the next part of this hop.

inside cabin

At the Kenny Lake Cabin in the 1970s.


Allan MacFarlane, my man.

In front of cabin

Every one but Alex who was off doing something

sports wise.

Hope you enjoyed the old pictures of us here in the Last Frontier and out in the boonies.


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