In the wind again.

seans bike 2

It started early this year. We have had the most remarkable breakup that we’ve had in a very long time. When the temperature came up to around 20 to 25 degrees, motorcycles began to be seen. The real hardy souls were out and about.
My son’s machine had been waiting for the temps to get to about 40 in the early morning, around 6:00. He works twelve hour shifts and riding home or to work in extremely cold weather is not the way to stay healthy enough to work.
And there was the small matter of a new front tire. He rides the motorcycle all summer about 40 miles one way to work. That means he wears out a tire each year. He replaced the back tire in the spring of 2014. This year the front tire is the one he needs to replace.
In the meantime, the machine is safe and sound where she has been all winter. But it got up to 45 degrees today and was in the 30s this am. Soon he will be in the wind again.
Writing this puts me in mind of who was instrumental in my son’s learning to ride. It was my love, his stepfather. Allan also taught him his first guitar chords and encouraged him to play. They argued and fought, when my son was a teen, but he always knew his stepdad was there for him. Amazing what triggers memories. The picture above is of the lady who carries my son to his job at the hospital day in and day out during the summer and keeps him in the wind.


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