Kill it lovey.

Cover final

Reading about the poor man in Colorado who took the computer outside and killed it brought back memories. I sure hope the judge goes easy on him. Funny thing, up here in the frozen north, it isn’t likely that anyone would have turned him in. I can just see people egging him on to put one more through the miserable thing’s hard drive. or circuit board.

The book cover above shows my little .25 automatic. That baby has been around since before my son was born. It’s an oldie, but has done the job necessary on several occasions. I may expand on that later.

I sympathize with the man. It’s a pain when you purchase things that die before their time or won’t function properly. That little pistola above participated in the demise of a vacuum that was less than a year old and died in the middle of a project.

I was beyond furious. But my love knew what to do. Allan didn’t bother to try to calm me down. He carried the vacuum outside, and placed it in front of a tree. Taking my arm gently, he got me outside, pulled slide back and handed me the gun. Then he smiled and said “kill it lovey”. I blasted the thing to smithereens, and it sure felt good.


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